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Shimonoseki, a strait city surrounded by shining sea and abundance of greenery located
at the westernmost end of Honshu.
As a port town, since long ago, it flourished with people and goods gathering from all over,
hence it is a town where you can experience different cultures and eras.
"Shimocle" was born with the thought of
wanting people to know more about Shimonoseki and its attraction.
Shimonosek X rent-a-cycle = Shimocle.
If you ride a bicycle, you notice scenery which you will not riding in a car
and you will be able to go to beautiful hidden spots which is difficult to do
when riding on a bus or a train.
If you pedal to your hearts content, there may be a fantastic encounter
waiting for you.
Feeling the comfortable sea breeze which has traveled the ocean,
why not tour around Shimonoseki with a bicycle.

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Operating Hours
9:00 - 22:00
200 yen/hr, 800 yen/4 hrs or more
How to Use
Internet booking, or come directly to the reception desk
Rental location
7-8 Amida Ijicho, Shimonoseki-shi, Yamaguchi (uzuhouse)
Postcode 750-0003

Obey "Bicycle Safety Use-5 Rules",
the basic rules of bicycle riding

Bicycle Safety Use-5 Rules

Bicycle Safety Use-5 Rules

Read the 5 rules of bicycle safety use

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